An easier way to find clients online

Our vision

We believe in a world where people have the opportunity to work for themselves.

We’ve started and run small businesses (and worked in big ones, like Microsoft, American Express and General Motors). We know what it takes to succeed – it’s hard – and we want to make it easier!

So we built a platform that removes that biggest challenge most people face when they work for themselves – finding paying clients. Spokal cuts through the noise and helps customers find you online.

The heart of Spokal

We built Spokal with 3 guiding principles. It has to be easy to use (so you can focus on your business, not marketing yourself), affordable (every penny counts) and open.

Everyone from yoga teachers and dentists to startups and student groups can find value from Spokal. No one is too small to try!

Even we use Spokal to grow our company (Spokal) every day, and we love it. We hope you do too.

Ready to get paid to do what you love?

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