Create Big Marketing For Your Small Business.

Drag and Drop Editor

Create content faster than ever.

Content is the backbone of any inbound marketing strategy. Our drag & drop editor and real-time SEO advice speed up content creation and make it fun.

All the boring stuff (like attributing images, and adding Open Graph tags & Twitter cards) is automatically handled.

Easy A/B Blog Title Testing

8 out of 10 will skip your content entirely because of your title.

Just becoming good at writing compelling titles can turn you into a content marketing superstar. A/B testing every blog post title will see your results skyrocket, and will hone your skills – almost on autopilot.

We’ll automatically test both of your titles on your blog AND on your social stream. So you can see what’s working best with YOUR audience.

And when a clear winner becomes obvious – we’ll AUTOMATICALLY swap your title to the winning variation. How’s that for sweet?

A/B Blog Post Title Testing

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Social Media Sharing

Automatic Social Sharing

Social Media is no longer optional. It’s critical to driving more traffic, creating more business, and responding to queries. It gives small business a platform to be heard.

The problem: it takes time.

Spokal automatically shares your content on a custom schedule (that you set up).

A drag & drop editorial calendar lets you modify anything you want to;

and Feedly integration so you can curate other people’s content on the same calendar and become an expert in your space.

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Lead Nurturing

Lead Scoring (Who’s who)

See who’s visiting your site and reading your emails. Get lead intelligence data on them from FullContact.

Reach out to those who are interacting with your content the most. They already love you.

Keep the rest ‘nurtured’ with automated emails, or entice with special offers.

Works with Gravity Forms & ContactForm7 (or Spokal’s forms)


Email Marketing Automation

Automate your emails with advanced conditional flows using our ActiveCampaign integration.

Treat people who are highly engaged differently from those who are just browsing.

Segment based on lead score, interaction with a particular page, email opens, clicks, or just about anything else you can think of.

Works with existing lists.

Dynamic/conditional content in emails depending on their info and activity.

Focus on the contacts who will drive the best return.

Track and Grow

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Track and Grow

Research & Intelligence

Learn what to focus on. See what’s working. Do more of what’s working, less of what’s not. Improve and Grow.

Streamlined Keyword Research & Automatic Keyword recommendations.

Rank Tracking. Social Media shares. Search engine entries. All in one place.

Works in multiple languages and countries.

Grow Twitter on Autopilot

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Twitter Builder is an accelerator so you get more traffic and leads, faster.

Twitter is simply one of the best modern marketing channels because it allows anyone to discover you.

We’ll steadily grow your Twitter following on autopilot with highly targeted, real followers who are interested in what you have to say.

Increase your traffic. Build new relationships. Drive sales.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Convince + Convert

See who’s unhappy with your competitors with negative sentiment analysis of tweets that @mention them. Reach out to your competitor’s unhappy prospects and clients.

Get insights into what content is performing best for competitors and companies with complimentary services. See what hashtags are the most popular, and what content is getting retweeted the most.


Bite sized training

Does online marketing seem like a foreign language?

Spokal includes bite-sized, easy to understand training tailored to your use of the platform.

Because everything is integrated into one tool – it’s a much easier learning curve than trying to figure it out for yourself.

And if the training isn’t enough, our support team is happy to help, or you can even hire us to put together a simple roadmap for your business.

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Still want more? Check out our How To tutorials to see how Spokal works.